Tables – BRCF

Banquet Tables – Folding & Non-Folding

Pricing is always for 18 or more units unless stipulated otherwise. Prices always in USD.



Rectangular Folding ‘6’ x 30″

$54.95 USD for 18+ Units

Rectangular Folding 8′ x 30″
Seats 8 Comfortably

$74.95 USD each for 18+

as above with 2′ extra length
Round 60″ Dia.
Seats 8 Comfortably
$94.95 for 18+ Units
Narrow Table
For Conferences
or Cramped Quarters
6′ x 18″

Table Construction

  • blow-molded ABS plastic (very strong)
  • steel powdercoat frames with locking mechanisms
  • light gray color
  • easy to clean

Price range from $54.95, $74.95 to $94.95 USD for quantities of 18 or more

Banquet chair prices start at $25.99 USD for 100 or more

We will give discounts when prices fall, or for greater quantities or for purchasing more than one product at a time.

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