PowerChurch Plus Software

We have been selling PowerChurch Plus since the 1990’s! I discovered the product and after trying a demo of it, was convinced that THIS was the best church software to manage the contributions, receipting and membership of most churches! We have sold this great software to churches in Canada and the United States plus …

  • U.K., Sweden, Israel, Africa, and the Catholic Chapel on the U.S. military base in Seoul, Korea! 🙂
  • No extra charge for the product being used on multiple computers in one church or local organization!
  • May network the product without extra cost as long as it is still being used only for one church or charitable institution!
  • Built-in Fund Accounting so an extra product for accounting is NOT needed!

Benefits of PowerChurch Plus – Record and Maintain …

  1. Membership
  2. Contributions
  3. Accounting
  4. Event Scheduling
  5. General Record Keeping All of this in ONE complete church administration software package!It is … COMPLETE, POWERFUL, USER-FRIENDLY, and PRICED LOW so that even small churches can take advantage of the tools provided!


60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Buy Now at the regular price of  $395 USD
or approximately $490.685 CAD.

Churchmall (CFC) pays your shipping charge
for most locations in North America


PowerChurch Plus allows you to maintain Membership, Contributions, Accounting, Event Scheduling, and general Record Keeping in one complete church administration software package. It’s complete, it’s powerful, and it’s user-friendly. It is also priced low, so that even small churches can take advantage of the tools we provide.

We provide the media version because having the media and manual is very helpful to most churches! The shipping cost is included in the price for the USA.

Taxes may vary with the provincial tax rate except in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Quebec where the rate charged will be the GST only of 5%. Any differences in charges on the PayPal website when you pay will be refunded if in one of the above areas.