Blue Ridge Church Furniture is a wholesale manufacturer of quality church furniture ranging from interlocking church chairs to pulpit furniture to baptistries and more.

Our church furniture distributor program has established businesses across the US and continues to grow and develop industry leaders.

Our hardwood pulpit and alter furniture is built in-house by our master wood craftsmen in Rocky Mount, Virginia using traditional techniques paired with modern technology to produce the highest quality church furniture. We not only offer church chairs and pulpit furniture, we also specialize in permanent and portable baptistries, carpet, stained glass, steeples and church decor. Our desire is to help churches grow and accomplish their visions of reaching their communities with the Gospel.

We believe that by offering great church furniture at great prices and by building our distributor programs we help churches and help to establish new businesses.

 linked with Blue Ridge Church Furniture in 2012. We are proud to be the only BRCF distributor in Canada.

Church Furniture Canada is interested in continuing the tradition established by Pastor Scott Gabrielson of helping various areas of Canada have access to quality church furniture.

In fact our first venture was to establish with permission of BRCF, an online store in the USA which right now is under our wing, so to speak, but is planned to be purchased and run by Anita Goodman & her husband who live in Maine. Anita, who was a citizen of Germany met her husband, a veteran, while he was stationed in Germany and decided not to go home without his new German wife! 🙂

The new store online is at Church Furniture Shop (

We are now looking for churches or individuals or groups who would like to help a church furniture store be established in your area, which we would help establish but eventually would be run by the groups or individuals. Not only would you be providing your area with quality church products but you would be creating a business which could supplement your income OR could help supply missions teams. (more later.)