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What IS a church chair?

What ARE church chairs? Well, they have to be comfortable enough to cushion the back and the seat but not so “cushy” that someone can go to sleep! 🙂 

Another answer might be” A PIECE OF FOAM! Yes, we say “a piece of special high density foam” because if the foam in the seat is NOT right, and you are not comfortable for an hour or more of listening, then what is the sense of that piece of DISCOMFORT having legs and a padded back???

You probably figured that by now, we are making a case for THE RIGHT STUFF hidden inside the seat. And if it isn’t right, how dare anyone call it a church chair! Call it a cheap chair! May not have been cheap to buy but it was CHEAP to MAKE!

In fact I will not name the company directly but a customer sent me a flyer from another Canadian chair company. This flyer was advertising chairs MUCH BELOW their normal price. By reading carefully I noticed that in very fine print on the bottom of the flyer that these special chairs had varying fabric warranties from 1- 5 years ONLY! What good is a church chair WITH FABRIC THAT COULD WEAR OUT IN 2 OR MORE YEARS??? No matter how good their normal chairs are, why would any honest company hide such a notice in SMALL PRINT right near the BOTTOM OF THE PAGE??? Were they trying to hide something?  

At Church Furniture Canada and any other companies I have started and run, we would NEVER, NO NEVER try to sell a cheapened-down-chair just to bring in some extra business!!! My conscience would NEVER allow me to. So why would any other company??? 

If the foam is not right, then you DO NOT HAVE A CHURCH CHAIR! Not yelling, just emphasizing! 🙂

BRCF makes high quality high density foam padded chairs which are selected by a large number of dealers who deal in quality and churches who want value for their money. I personally have NEVER sold anything that I would NOT want to buy myself!