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Quotation Requests will be taken in the order we get your requests.

Quotation Forms will always take priority as we can
already see what you want and begin to check the
cost of delivery to you.

We apologize for our slowness.Two things have happened since last fall.

1. As mentioned below, we have had to palletize all chairs.

2. This spring, our usually fast freight brokers have had a problem getting freight prices back to us. Obviously this affects our ability to give you a complete quote as soon as possible as we have in the past. We will do the best we can.

If you know of any smaller reliable truckers in your area who go to the USA, please let us know and we can try tlhem. A web page or phone number could help as well. Thanks!

Also if you want banquet-style chairs please see our new Canadian supplier at
SDC Chairs


We have had to put all chairs
on pallets since truckers do not want to take a chance damaging
a stack of chairs. Forklifts sometimes have to take the pallets
from one truck and transfer to another. So we have had to
redo all our dimensions and weights to match with the new
pallets. Anyway we are slowing catching up.
Thank you for your patience.


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 Blue Ridge Church Chairs have been
sold around the world for
over 21 years!
They have advantages over many other church chairs.*

  • Free welded bookracks* with communion cup holder
    – Savings- Up to $3.50+ !!!
  • Free Sewn-On Card/Envelope Holder – Savings starting at $1+
  • Most chairs are 16 Gauge Strength – Can hold up to 1600 pounds! 🙂
  • *Chair # 4 does not have a bookrack BUT you may order one if you like.
  • More durable fabric allowing for use in OFFICES, WAITING ROOMS,
    without paying up to twice as much!

Display is using Chair #7 
!!! All prices are before shipping and taxes & based on Quantity of 100 or more. Add $3 per chair for less.
All prices as of August 25, 2017
CHAIR #1 – $34.99 USD = Only **$47.99 CAD

Read More About #1

CHAIR #4 – $30.99 = **$42.52 CAD

Read More About #4

CHAIR #7 – USD $37.49 = **$48.82 CAD

Read More About #7

CHAIR #11 – USD $26.49 = **$34.99 CAD

Read More About #11

*NOTE: The prices above depend upon the CAD to USD exchange rate.
We will give you the current price in our quote.
Note that Quotes are generally only good for a week
and may change slightly up or down by the time you order.
We will do our best to absorb small changes. However we cannot
guarantee that they will always be the same.
Of course we are always hoping the value of the CAD dollar rises
and we will be able to get more for our money!

However BRCF Chairs are worth more than many chairs as they have a commercial fabric
which increases the durability of the fabric.
  • Spacing

    To help you figure out your chair  spacing, please check this video and description from a colleague U.S. church chair seller.

    Chair Spacing Video

    And please remember, in any church, in any country, in the whole universe,


  • Custom chairs available if you have up to 12 – 16 weeks before needing them. We can let you know what is in stock upon request.
    Stocked Chairs usually take 2-4 weeks between ordering time to delivery. 
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Sometimes verbal communications are not heard properly.
Please feel free to phone us for additional information.

All Prices Based upon Quantity of 100+ Chairs,
Add $4 per chair for lesser quantity except in special circumstances.

Well Constructed & Warranted for over 20 Years!

Fabrics are Suitably Durable
for Waiting Rooms and Offices!!
  • They usually go fast, especially certain colours, so get your orders in as soon as possible!
  • We will give you a preliminary quote then a formal one when we get the shipping price.
  • Please use the Quotation Request Form so we have all the info we need to calculate the shipping cost. Thank you!