Winged Pulpit Clear NC1 $3995

Winged Pulpit NC1G Grey Glass $4320

Foundation Pulpit Clear NC10 $1995

Foundation Grey Glass NC10G – $2220

Prestige Pulpit Clear NC8 $3995


Prestige Pulpit – Grey
NC8G – $4395
Neos Pulpit Clear or Grey NC13 $1400

Five Panel Lectern Clear NC26 $1400

Five Panel Lectern Grey NC 26G $1575 – No Photo
Winged Prestige Pulpit NC8WC – $5295

Three Panel Lectern Clear NC2 – $1400

Three Panel Lectern Grey NC2G – $1500


Rhema Pulpit Clear $4995 / Grey $5320

Speaker Lectern Clear – NC2S – $1035 / Grey $1130

All-Wood Foundation Pulpit – N10W/NC10WG

Only $1895

NC14/NC14G –
Colonial Pulpit Clear or GreyOnly $5250


All Wood Winged Pulpit

Only $3795

Communion Tables – 40″, 48″, & 60″
Discount may apply to purchase of pulpit  + table.
Elegance Option applied to any of the 3 sizes

NCELEG – Add Elegance Package to Communion Table

Add $500

Add Rhema Package to Communion Table – $500

Add Wooden Legs to Communion Tables – $500


Add Wooden Legs

Add Glass Scripture Bar to Rhema Table – $100

Rhema Communion Table

Standing Offering Box – $1100
Table Top Offering Box


All pricing includes …

Choice of Standard Stain, Art Set-up, & Deep Etching for Logo etc.
Shipping Cost to be determined by client location.

In order, Black Lacquer, Pickled Oak, Natural, Golden Oak, Red Oak Bombay Mahogany, Jacobean, Ebony


for more information or check below.

Part #OptionPrice
WMHKAdd Wireless Microphone Holder Kit$100
CASTOR-LAdd Locking Castors (2 locking, 2 non-locking)$100
COLOURColour Fill (per colour, per piece)$100
PHTPLFull-Colour AQS Photoplate$285
MEMORIAL-MPrinted Memorial Plate, Metallic$75
MEMORIAL-GEtched Memorial Plate, Glass$100
ETCH2Add Second Position Etch (per location)$150
NAMEPLATE-AAdd Glass Desk Nameplate to order$45
NCELEGAdd Elegance Package to Communion Table$500
NCRHEMAdd Rhema Package to Communion Table$500
WOODLAdd Wood Legs to Communion Table$500
NCSCRIPTAdd Glass Scripture Bar to Rhema Table$100
CUSTOMCustom Stain Match / Use Supplied Custom Stain$60
Ask About Our Discounts for Combined PurchasesSave $50 – $175
DELIVERY – Note: Truck normally delivers heavier products to the OUTSIDE of your building (church). ( You can ask what the extra charge would be for delivering your product inside OR get some strong volunteers who can move it inside after the delivery.