• With Chair #4, you can SAVE A BUNDLE!
  • Chair #4 is a little different in that it is 19″ wide instead of 21″ for Chairs 1 and 7.
  • It also has no installed bookrack but you may add one later for up to $2.50 USD later.
  • Seat Cushion is 2″ instead of 3″
  • Warranty is reduced from 20-25 years to 10 years with a 5 years warranty on the fabric and foam. 
  • Chair #4 can gang with Chair #7 (Same manufacturer.)
  • Chair # 4 Only $42.52 CAD!!! in quantities of 100+
    (Based on USD Price of $30.99 – Price may vary due to exchange)
Chair #4 Style, Fabric Colours

  • Welded bookrack, optional
  • Dimensions, 19″W x 34.5″H, Seat Cushion Width is 18.5″
  • Are you on a budget or a small or new church? These chairs can save you considerable money and then when you can afford the better chairs, retire these to a fellowship room, Sunday School Room, classroom, or other use.